You can get the (R)ecovery (I)s (P)ossible Linux rescue system here!

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This is the RIP home site.

  • RIP Linux home site!
  • Alternate RIP Linux site!

    You'll need at least 512MB of RAM and i686 (Pentium III with PAE
    support) CPU to boot it. There are 32bit and 64bit kernels.

    If you want to run it in VirtualBOX (enable PAE) or VMWare, increase
    the Base Memory to 1024. With QEMU using KVM, pass 'noexec=off' to
    the kernel.

    Please inform me if RIP is working or not!
    Any suggestions are appreciated!

    Use this Windows USB installer to put RIP on a USB drive.
    Choose "RIP Linux" from its menu, then browse to where
    RIPLinuX-13.7.iso is on your hard drive etc. It should
    work with any ISO below, but your USB flash drive should
    be at least 256MB and FAT16 or FAT32 formatted.

  • Universal USB Installer (Home Site)

    Other methods for putting RIP on a USB flash drive are
    described in the USB readme below.

    Verify the ISO under Linux or Windows.
    md5sum -c RIPLinuX-13.7.md5 "It should say OK!"

    Name Size Date
    RIPLinuX (README) 15Kb Jan 15 2012
    Bootable ISO (RIPLinuX-13.7.iso) 159744Kb Jan 15 2012
    RIPLinuX-13.7 md5-checksum 51b Jan 15 2012
    Changelog (README) 15Kb Jan 15 2012

    This is a GRUB2 X version. If the one above doesn't boot, try this.
    It only boots from CD/DVD!

    Name Size Date
    Bootable ISO (RIPLinuX-13.7.grub2.iso) 160708Kb Jan 15 2012

    This is a PXE network X version.
    unzip -L "Extract under Linux!"

    Name Size Date 156286Kb Jan 15 2012
    RIPLinuX-13.7.PXE md5-checksum 55b Jan 15 2012

    Read the USB readme for instructions on how to install RIP
    on a USB flash drive.

    Read the mkextlin readme for instructions on how to install
    the Linux system on a USB flash drive partition. You can
    then boot and use it the same as if it was installed to a
    Linux Ext2/3/4 or Btrfs formatted partition on a hard drive.

    Name Size Date
    USB (README) 3Kb Jan 15 2012 9Kb Jan 15 2012
    mkextlin (README) 2Kb Jan 15 2012 9Kb Jan 15 2012

    Name Size Date 196080Kb Apr 26 2011

  • Email: Kent Robotti